Girlie update -

I found someone I like and has the same silly humour as me, and my fuck he is hot and has many tattoos (DAAAA :D )

Anyway just had to share with the world this girlie moment :)

I don’t know what to do.

I went to the doctors to get a re prescription of venlafaxine 225mg. I had a Dr called Gemma as my GP was on holiday for 2 weeks. Did a height and weight check ad well as my blood pressure. (Which doesn’t even make the chart, as its so low).

I then asked for a repeat prescription for cerezet ( something like that, a mini pill ). She did that as well as inform me that the time period i’ve been on it I have a high chance of Ecto Pregnancy, where the embryo plants itself outside the uterine cavity.

I didn’t plan on giving birth, but being told you have a high chance of not carrying to full term, really hits you in the gut.